In 1989 Heinz Deitert founded the company DEPO in Marienfeld, a small village nearby Gütersloh, in order to realize a more efficient milling technology on the basis of his basic ideas. Owing to his long and comprehensive industry experience in the Mould & Die Industry a complete tooling system has been developed.
The development of optimal milling strategies with corresponding tools offers shorter machine running times and guarantees a noticeable increase of productivity in many production processes. Due to the considerable acceptance of the DEPO Tooling System, this company has established itself faster than average on the market. Decisive for this success are components such as degree of innovation, flexibility and reliability which are particularly estimated by our customers.

The requirements to offer a “complete solution from one source” lead to the fact to take into the delivery program the DEPO Machine Tool Technology in 1996. Since 2009 we have been building our DEPO XPERT-Line: Machining Centre “Made in Germany”.

The development and distribution of machine tools and machine components in connection with DEPO milling offer a maximum of economicalness to all users.

The software GearEngineer for calculation and illustration of 3D-gear models on the basis of 2D-workpiece data according to a gear drawing, the programming software DEPO CAM as well as the milling and strategy trainings complete the whole company concept.

Service is very important for DEPO. Our team guarantees a consequent development, competent consulting and planning from the beginning, total work on-time and of high quality as well as an optimal service.

Convince yourself of our efficiency.

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